10 Things That Mean You Are Macedonian

In one of my articles I wrote about the easily-recognizable features of the Balkan people. When it comes to making subcategories of the characteristics of each country and nation… well, it is difficult. No matter how much we discuss and get angry with each other about certain cultural and/or traditional things, it’s a fact that we have very similar habits. However, I will give my best in finding those small differences between the habits and traditions of each of the Balkan nations.

written by Ana Topshiova

This time I will write the ten things that mean someone is Macedonian.

We love alcohol and we drink a lot!


Like many things, this too may sound like a generalization but it’s true. We Macedonians enjoy drinking alcohol. And as one of my fellow citizens responded to a TV poll: “I am not interested in prescription drugs, I’m more into rakija and wine.” You got that right, Sir!

It’s not weird if you ask your neighbor to borrow you a cup of oil, rice or coffee