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Galičnik (Macedonian: Галичник) is a mountain village in the Republic of Macedonia and along with Lazaropole is one of the two biggest Miyak villages in the region, in the municipality of Mavrovo – Rostusha.

Galičnik has well preserved traditional architecture, including an amphitheater in the village square and is famous by its countryside and nature reserve.

The village of Galicnik which extends on the falls of Mount Bistra is found 110 km away from the capital city of Macedonia. The road to Galicnik runs through Lake Mavrovo dam, 14km uphill Mt. Bistra, at 1,450m above sea level. It passes by Tonivoda, the Macedonian steppe, where you will encounter wild horses freely grazing here.

This is yet another village that many villagers have left to work abroad. It has large, robust houses and is virtually deserted. Yet, it gets crowded during the summer and then again desolate after September.


On Petrovden (St. Peter’s Day), 12 July, Galicnik and its inhabitants are hosts to the only festival of this type, the traditional Galicnik Wedding, echoing the sounds of drums, zurlas, and pipes and displaying the most beautiful and ornate folk costumes of Macedonia.

During the wedding, local men will dance the “Teškoto” (the “hard” or “heavy”) – a dance that is meant to symbolize the overcoming of difficulties in life.

In this region you can taste first-class yellow cheese – kashkaval as well as the local salt brine white cheese “belo sirenje”, yoghurt, lamb, and trout from Lake Mavrovo.

Notable people from Galičnik

* Aleksandar Sarievski (1922 – 2002)
* Georgija Pulevski (1838 – 1895)
* Partenije Zografski (1818 – 1876)
* Velimir Ginovski (born 1915)
* Vladimir Ginovski (born 1927)
* Vasil Grivchev (1922-1996)