“Macedonia for Macedonians” rally 1922 in the USA

This video is from a rally in United States, organized by the Macedonian commune.

Even though some people say that Macedonians are new, artificial nation, without past, a nation created after World War II, this shows the movement of the Macedonians in 1922.

Macedonian community in the United States of America got organized in 1922 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since then, this organization (MPO) and all the other organization of the Macedonians, in some period were usurped by people who were spreading mainly Bulgarian, and sometimes Greek propaganda. 

Through the years, most of the neighboring Balkan countries, tried to usurp Macedonian history and identity, and by doing that to cover up the segregation of the Macedonians after the Balkan Wars in 1912 – 1913. Let us not forget the genocide over the Macedonian population in Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Greece in the twenties and the thirties, especially in Greece during and after the Greek civil war 1946 – 1449 .

Macedonians strongly set themselves on the idea of having their own country. Since 8th of September 1991, that idea became reality. Republic of Macedonia is a motherland for all the Macedonians around the world and strength that holds them together.