Macedonian Village – Ethno Village

In the spirit of old times, you can be a part of an unique experience…

In the spirit of old times, the Macedonian Village offers a special opportunity to be a part of an unique experience and meet the traditional Macedonian crafts. In addition to the ethnic ambiance, the resort includes silversmith workshop, pottery workshop and a weaving mill, the most characteristic crafts in our country.

Silversmith workshop offers a unique experience and opportunity to see a number of traditional items and ornaments made of silver. These items are available for sale and are a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Pottery is an inseparable part of the tradition of our country, a traditional craft that has managed to survive for centuries. In the workshop you have the opportunity to learn about the process of making pottery, as well as to look at a number of souvenirs made of clay that are available for sale.

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The Weaving workshop is a true representative of the Macedonian culture and tradition. Learn more about Macedonian traditional colors, shapes, rugs and carpets, and allow yourself to admire the art of carpet weaving on a loom.

The real taste of Macedonia would not be complete without the Macedonian wine. All passionate fans of a glass of good wine in the “winery” in Macedonian Village will have the opportunity to taste, buy and learn more about the most beautiful wines from different parts of Macedonia, widely known for its superior quality.

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Within the Macedonian Village Resort there is a small Ethnological Museum where you can enjoy the ethnological exhibition, which captures the true traditional culture through several segments: folk costumes, embroidery, traditional fabrics and tools for processing of textile raw and household textiles.