Wild, Wacky Skopje (Macedonia)

Skopje is not the most beautiful place we’ve visited. But it might just be the most interesting and weirdest place we’ve ever been. Everywhere we walked we had “WTF?” moments: “there’s a pirate ship in the middle of the river! WTF?”, “look, there’s a London double decker bus! WTF?”, “those colors all over the monuments! It’s like the Cat in the Hat went crazy. WTF?”. Crazy statues, over-the-top buildings, stunningly contrasting architectural styles, Christmas music playing over loudspeakers in the middle of July…It was just all very bizarre. We loved it.wild-wacky-skope-macedonia-one-of-the-strangest-places-weve-beenLots of photos in this post and they’re basically all over the place. This post is a mess….but so is Skopje. You’ll basically see Skopje as we saw it, walking around the relatively small city core day after day, going a little photo crazy. There’s more to Skopje than just the weirdness though. We met really friendly people, had fantastic food (which was a real surprise) and saw very few tourists even in July. Having come from the Croatian coast it was a relief. Macedonia was also the most inexpensive place we’ve been in Europe by a long margin. I’ll cover that too.